April 20th, 2023

Stella Capri Wellness, a medical aesthetics spa offering natural innovative cosmetic beauty services, is proud to announce remarkable growth and advances since its establishment in 2021. Offering the latest innovations in biohacking longevity, bioidentical hormone therapy, anti-aging, hair restoration, and overall wellness & aesthetics, Stella Capri has experienced a 75% increase in revenue for 2022 and is projected to reach an 88% growth in revenue compared to the previous year. The almost 100% referral-based business uses a personalized approach to hormone optimization, non-invasive cosmetic procedures, and skin maintenance, offering treatments such as the biostimulation of collagen in Bellafill, Exosomes, Sculptra, Radiesse PRP, PRF, and peptides for the body.

As one of the only destinations in Arizona to offer one of the newest technological advances in hair growth, Stella Capri Wellness utilizes the Alma TED machine and hair growth serum for hair restoration following a 400% increase in patient demand nationwide in 2019. Stella Capri Wellness also offers the popular weight-loss peptide, Semaglutide, also known as Ozempic, specially compounded to include BPC-157 for protecting gut health. This peptide has seen a sales increase of 133% over 2022 in the first quarter at Stella Capri. This supplement resets the basal metabolic weight that the body tends to stay at, no matter how hard one diets or exercises, as basal metabolic weight commonly creeps up every year with age and the body becomes more insulin resistant.

Founder and owner Dr. Candice Stewart, DNP, hormone and wellness specialist, is proud to be pushing the envelope and setting a new standard for the industry by mixing cutting-edge scientific developments with the standard practices of a medspa. Dr. Stewart’s commitment to excellence and dedication to helping clients achieve optimal health and beauty has resulted in innovative contributions to the field.

For more information, please visit https://stellacapri.com or call (480) 367-8208 to book a consultation.