by Christina Silvestri
March 7th, 2023

Name: Dr. Candice Stewart, DNP

Instagram: @stellacapriwellness


Age: 43 years young

Title: Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Married/Single: Married 9 years

Kids: 2 boys Benji (8) and River (7)

City you live in: Arcadia

I was born… Philadelphia

A typical day in my life includes… Wake up and try to meditate for 5-10 minutes before I get out of bed, before the craziness begins getting the kids ready for school, have black coffee, get ready for work while listening to whatever longevity/biohacking/anti-aging podcast I’m wanting to learn more about, go to work, my husband is usually the one that has to run the boys to football or school of rock, and I come home and we heat up healthy food from my husband’s company Sunfare for everyone for dinner (which makes life a lot easier), homework put the kids down to bed. I usually do a little work putting patient’s hormone/anti-aging/weight loss protocols together, and then in bed I try to read, journal, or watch new aesthetic technique injection video and go to bed. I love my Oura ring that lets me track my sleep.

My favorite thing about Arizona… The people and friends I have met here, and the weather 9 months out of the year.

I’m listening to… My son who is 7 is really into music so we listen to his favorite music constantly which include KISS, Queen, and Metallica. But if i’m by myself I’m listening to my favorite longevity/biohacking/anti-aging podcast!

My family… Is my everything

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Dave Asprey

One thing I cannot live without… my Oura ring

When I was younger, I wanted to be… A Doctor

I’m inspired by… My family

The one person who motivates me is… My patients so I can provide them the best care, knowledge, and latest research or techniques possible

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… No more social media

The perfect day would be… With my family on some type of adventure whether it be skiing, traveling somewhere, listening to live music.

My first job was… I worked at my parent’s hosiery/lingerie boutique since I was a little girl. We used to live in an apartment on top of their store in Philadelphia. My mom’s name was Stella, and she was an amazing business woman. Every customer loved her, I used to just watch her for hours, while she ran her business. Well she passed away a few years ago, and Capri, Italy was my favorite place I have ever visited. So that is how I came up with the name of my medspa Stella Capri Wellness

My favorite escape… Skiing with my family in Park City, Utah or going to Burning man

I’m currently working on… Trying not to work so much

Always… Be a good person, and wear your sunscreen!

Never… stop learning

Favorite Quote… “you don’t have to age if you don’t want to” I think I actually came up with that one

Biggest Dream… Trying to live it now

My Pet Peeve(s)… A person who is just not a good person

Bio-on yourself/company: Many know Candice Stewart, DNP as being an incredibly talented injector and nurse practitioner but she is also Stella Capri’s wellness and hormone specialist, helping patients not only look their best but feel their best from the inside out!

She has a fellowship in anti-aging medicine, peptide certifications from A4M, and a passion for helping patients live a more vibrant life, full of a greater confidence and sense of wellbeing!

Candice graduated with her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Arizona State University. She utilized her skills and compassion at the elite Mayo Clinic Hospital, and focused her attention on treating hormone deficiencies in men and women.

She sought out her aesthetic certification as a great complement to her career in medical anti-aging and is committed to continuing her education in advanced aesthetic techniques. Not only is this lovely lady the injector, nurse practitioner, medical director, laser technician, and hormone specialist at Stella Capri, she’s also a mother of two, as well as, the owner of this concierge medspa! It may be hard to believe, but she really does do it all.

by Christina Silvestri

March 7th, 2023